A Brief Overview of All Things Litterboxes

If you own a cat (or the cat owns you!), you know that litter boxes, litter and all the accessories are plentiful and vastly different!  Today, we are going to do a basic overview of the most common items for your kitty’s bathroom needs. 

Litter Boxes


The litter box should be large enough  for your cat to climb fully into, and be able to turn around completely in, without having to step out to do so. For many cats the larger the box the better, but as we know, our feline friends can be picky at times, so that it isn’t always the case.


Litter boxes also come in many shapes as well. Some have low sides, some high sides, some covered with a walk-in flap, others covered with an opening that does not have a flap. Some make the cat climb in from the top, and others from the side. 

Generally speaking, your cat is more likely to use the litter box if he can get into it easily. Make sure that he doesn’t need to jump to get in especially if your kitty is a senior.

A box with a low entry point for the cat to step easily in, with high sides or even a covered top is typically best. However, our feline friends are picky, so some kitties may prefer something different.  The high sides, or covered top is nice to help prevent litter from being sprayed all over the room. 


It is important to have one box per cat in the household. If you have 2 cats, you should have 2 boxes. In some cases, you may even want to have an extra box to help encourage proper use at all times. 



Clumping litter is designed to do just that- clump- when your cat urinates. This makes it easier to scoop out all of the waste in one fell swoop. 


Non-clumping litter will not clump (obviously!) when your cat urinates. This does make cleanup a bit messier and means that more of your litter is exposed to the waste. However, some cats prefer this kind of litter. 


Flushable litter is designed to be safe for flushing down the toilet. This can be a convenient way to aid in keeping your litter box clean because it eliminates the need for any trash from the litter box. Make sure your toilet is capable of handling this kind of litter though! 

Then there are many other types of litter such as Pine, Crystal, Clay, Paper, and more! Each of these has pros and cons, but it really comes down to your (and your cat’s) preferences. Some of these are more eco-friendly than others, and some are also more expensive than others. 



Scoops come in many different sizes and shapes, and are made from different materials. You can get small plastic scoops with rounded corners, or plastic scoops with “teeth” on the edges. You can also get large or small metal scoops with horizontal slats, or small holes in them.

This once again comes down to preference (yours not your cat’s this time!). Our preference is a metal scoop simply because it has the advantage of not bending as you dig deep down into the litter. This helps to get to the very bottom of the box, ensuring you got a good clean. 


Manual or Automatic

Depending on your budget, and how much cleaning you want to do, you can opt for the regular old box with simple litter and a scoop, or, you can get an automatic litter box. Automatic boxes have the ability to scoop for you. There is still some maintenance involved but the bulk of the job is done for you already, making it very convenient. 

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