Top 2 Tips for a Stink-Free Litterbox

There are so many joys to owning a cat (or a cat owning you?), snuggles, purrs, and many many more. But one part of cat ownership which is NOT a joy, I think everyone will agree, is the dreaded litter box.

Litter boxes can be messy, smelly and just plain gross! 

Here are our top 2 tips for keeping your kitty’s litter box smelling clean and staying fresh. 

1. Scoop litter daily. 

This is the most important step to keeping your kitty litter smelling clean. If there is old waste sitting in there, then no amount of chemicals or other tricks will help it smell clean. That’s like us humans not flushing the toilet, but spritzing some bleach around the bathroom and wondering why it still smells. 

Get a good quality metal scooper, and some 1 gallon sized bags, and this chore suddenly becomes much easier. Having a metal scoop means you can get all the way to the bottom of the box without the scooper bending. You can get all of the solid chunks off the bottom, helping to keep that box cleaner, longer. One gallon bags, or recycled grocery store bags are handy to be able to scoop the waste, tie the bag and throw out in one trip. 

2. Dispose of all litter and scrub the box weekly.

As you can imagine, your cat has been walking around in that box all week long, and using his or her paws to cover up waste. Now those little paws are covered in it. To help keep this problem at bay, dispose of the entire contents of the litter box once a week, scrub/wash out the box and refill with completely fresh litter. 

An easy alternative to this, is to purchase litter box liners. Then you simply pick up the plastic liner, and throw the entire contents away. 

Don’t you love a clean bathroom? I know I do! And so does my cat. As I do these two things each day and week, my cat sits and watches me, waiting for a sparkling clean bathroom. 

Cats are funny creatures, and similar to most of us, they would rather hold it than use a dirty bathroom. But that can cause health issues for them. It can cause urinary tract infections, bladder infections and even kidney problems. So it is not only important for our sense of smell in our household, but it is important for your kitty’s health to keep that litter box sparkling clean!


Join us next week to discuss all the varieties of litter, scoopers and boxes! 


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