Pumpkins & Your Pets

Its officially Fall, and it is the time of the pumpkin! Many of us are already enjoying our Pumpkin Spice lattes and other pumpkin flavored treats. But, do you feed your cat or dog pumpkin? If not, did you know that it can be beneficial for them?


Be sure to choose a canned pumpkin that does NOT have any additives like sugar or spices or salt. It must be pure pumpkin to be safe for your pet. They do not need much- a half teaspoon per day for a cat or small dog, up to a few tablespoons for larger breeds will do the trick!

Benefits include shiny coats, feeling full longer (a great benefit for obese pets who need to lose a little weight), hairball prevention in cats, and help with fixing constipation or diarrhea.

If your dog or cat suffers from bouts of diarrhea or constipation, adding a little bit of pumpkin to their diet can help to quickly solve the issue. Of course, if your pet is suffering from either of these issues continuously be sure to see your vet. If they are still a puppy, diarrhea and constipation should be treated as an emergency and you should see your vet immediately as they can be signs of life-threatening diseases. If they are suffering from constipation and you give them pumpkin, be sure to increase their water access as well, because adding fiber into their diets causes them to need more water. Try mixing the water and pumpkin with their regular food to make it more enticing!

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