COVID-19 Procedures

Sanitation has always been a priority for the Sea Spot Walk team. On a regular basis, we are picking up your pet’s waste and disposing of it. So, before COVID-19 ever existed, we had a policy in place of not touching our faces and washing our hands thoroughly after every walk.
Because of COVID-19, we have become even more vigilant about this, and have added in carrying hand sanitizer with us, to be used before entering your home, after picking up feces, and at any other time a team member needs (for example, after touching a trash can lid at the park, or pressing the walk button at an intersection, etc).

We have always customized our services to fit our client’s needs, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this ability to customize has become even more important.

No one-size-fits-all solution exists for sanitation and safe social distancing when we are coming to your homes. Every home’s set up is different, and every client’s needs and preferences are different. Sea Spot Walk has the ability to adapt our procedures to you and your specific home and needs.

Some of our clients have requested that we no longer enter the home, instead we open the door, call the dog out to us in a secure courtyard, leash up and go from there. In this example, we would use hand sanitizer before and after this walk, as we would not have access to a sink for hand washing. We are happy to operate in this way!

Some have requested that we use a disinfectant left out by the client to disinfect any surface that we have touched (door handles, counter tops, facets, etc) before leaving the home. We are happy to do this as well!

If you will be at home, we are more than happy to wear our face masks and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet or more from you. We can even give you a few minute heads up to let you know we are coming so that you can move into another room if you prefer.
These are just a couple of examples of how we can customize what we do for you to maintain sanitary and safe conditions for you and our team.

Please reach out directly to us with any questions, or requests on how you wish us to proceed with your pet’s care and your home. Safety and health are our priority!

Dog Walking “Fashion” in the time of Corona virus.

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