Get to Know us: Featuring Sara

Growing up I was known as the artist and animal lover in my family. As a child I rode horses every weekend in Huntington Beach and helped care for a menagerie of pets over the years, including parrots, finches, guinea pigs, hamsters, snakes, fish, dogs, cats, a rabbit and a rat.
I moved to Portland Oregon after college where I lived for 21 years. Part of my time was spent working as a graphic designer, remodeling a 1908 house, seeing live music, and rescuing multiple cats. 5 years ago, I began volunteering with the outreach program Fences for Fido, building free fences for dogs who are tethered or chained up 24/7. A year into volunteering, a dog with 8 puppies was surrendered to the organization and I became the owner of a senior lab mix — Destiny! My incredible journey with her, which included rehabilitation from abuse and addressing multiple health issues, led me to seek a drastic career change.
I sold the house, packed up Destiny and my cat Dexter, and moved back to Huntington Beach to be near my family. I am currently enrolled in theAnimal Behavior College Dog Training certification program, and hope to graduate in 2019.

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