Tips from a Dog Walker: Microchipping

Part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure you can always have access to your dog should they ever escape or go wandering.

The first and foremost easiest way to aide in getting your pet back, is to make sure that they have current tags attached to their collar. That is an affordable way to make sure you can get your dog back. It costs about $3 to get the info printed on tags at Petco or Amazon.

The next easiest thing to do (which is even more important that tags, because tags can fall off or be taken off the dog), is microchipping. It is extremely important because anyone who finds your animal can take it to any vet, anywhere, and the vet is able to scan for a microchip, then access your contact information and get in touch with you to reunite you with your pet. It is really the number one easiest and most responsible thing you can do as a pet owner. You do need to keep your information up to date with the microchip company, but it is very simple. The procedure to have a microchip put into your pet is painless. It is super tiny, hence the name “micro”.

On that subject, what if your dog does run away from you? What do you do?

Firstly, if you see a lost dog; Do Not Chase.

That will kick in it’s fight or flight instincts and mostly flight is what will happen. A much better solution is the get the dog’s attention, and then run away from it. Get it to chase you, and you are more likely to be able to get a hold of it.

Secondly, post signs and post to social media accounts ASAP. Here in HB there is a Facebook group called HB lost and found pets, another option is the Nextdoor app. Both are very good for getting the word out to friends and neighbors to help find your pet. I check both of those forums daily just to be sure none of the posts are about my client’s dogs or cats, and I always see success stories of pets being returned to their owners.


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