Get to know us: Featuring Meghan

I have lived nowhere else but Costa Mesa California, and I wouldn’t change my home town for the world. California is the place to be! I am the 3rd child of 4 and I come from a big family, which is very important to me. My younger sister is my best friend, my older siblings are living their own lives, and I love to hang out with my parents. We still go on family vacations all the time!

Currently I also am the head manager and lead aquarist at the Denis Kelly Public Aquarium on the campus of Orange Coast College. I love my job and all the amazing things I get to do for it! But I also have a definite soft spot for pups thanks to my furry loves Tyson, a big cuddly German Shepard Husky mix who belongs to my eldest sister, and Lucky a little Chihuahua terrier mix who belongs to my boyfriend (but he loves me more!).

School and family are the most important things to me, but being outdoors and exploring is what I love to do! Whenever I get the chance I’m out, exploring a new place! From the forests of Northern California and their tree giants to the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon in Baja California Mexico to play with the Grey Whales and their calves, I’ve had many adventures with family and friends! Soon I hope to transfer to UC San Diego for school and then travel as far and as much as I can after!

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