Get to Know Us: Featuring Jamie

I grew up in upstate New York and lived there until I was 26. That’s when I made the move to Southern California! I’ve been here for almost two years now and am loving every minute of it. Most people think of NYC when I say I’m from New York, but I actually lived quite far from the city and have only been there a few times! Think the distance of L.A. to Las Vegas, without the crazy traffic. I grew up camping and hiking, far from being a “city kid”.

This scenery is more familiar to me than the city! Photo taken in the Adirondack mountains.



Travelling is a deep source of joy for me. Whether it’s driving to get tacos in San Diego, road tripping to see the band Phish (for the 19th time!), or driving across the country, I am happy when I’m on the road.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity and artistic expression. Drawing, painting, crafting knick knacks, anything I can get my hands on. I even modelled for a hair show once! I could spend hours at museums and galleries, and have absolutely done so while exploring SoCal.

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