Get to Know us: Featuring Shar

My full name is Sharlynora. My parents made it up! They liked Charlotte and Nora, so decided to combine the two and change the spelling a bit to create Sharlynora.

I majored in Painting and Photography in college, and I have shown my paintings in several art exhibits over the years. In my last year of college, I discovered my love for slip casting sculpture, and made several sculptures this way- including a cast of my own head (a very scary experience if you are claustrophobic)!




Since starting Sea Spot Walk, I have had less time for painting, but have discovered several other ways to be creative! I began quilting in my free time and have made several quilts for friends and family. I also love to make clothes for my friend’s children, and of course for all of your fur babies!

I also love to run! I began running in 2010. I decided that a half marathon would be my first goal. I ran my first half marathon (13.1 miles) with my cousin in Monterey Bay in October of 2010, and I haven’t stopped! Since then, I have run 2 Full Marathons (26.2 miles) and over 14 half marathons. One of those half marathons, I was lucky enough to run with my mother- who beat me to the finish line!

On Mile 1 of my first full marathon with my husband, Dave.

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