The Inspiration for Starting Sea Spot Walk – An Anniversary Post

Handsome Quincy


I began staying overnight with Quincy whenever his human would go out of town. At the time, I was working full time as a Credit and Collections Clerk with an Air Conditioning Supply company- and hating every minute. Staying with Quincy made me realize how much I adore animals, and how much happier I am when I have them in my life.


Quincy was a funny, very mischievous dog.  He would steal my socks and hide them when  he knew I was going to be leaving soon. He would counter surf- stealing anything and everything within his reach, even if it wasn’t what we would consider edible. And then he would eat it, tearing whatever packaging it may have been in to shreds and eating some of that along the way.

He stole my heart.

He was a cuddle bug, and liked to sleep right next to me in bed- making sure that we were touching at all times. He would always beg for belly rubs- with one leg up in the air pawing at me.

He is the reason that I decided to open Sea Spot Walk and quit my full time job to commit myself to the care of animals.

His passing was extremely hard for me. So hard that I was unable to even write this post until almost a year later, and still not without crying.  Like I said, he stole my heart.


Since opening Sea Spot Walk in 2015, we have lost a few of our furry friends. They have all been very special to me in their own unique ways.


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