Let’s Talk Leashes

As a Dog Walker, people frequently ask what kind of leash I recommend.  There are several factors to consider when choosing a leash.

First off- does your dog like to chew? Then AVOID leather leashes at all costs! I spent about $40 on a really beautiful leather leash when I first opened Sea Spot Walk, only to have it chewed into 3 pieces by a client doggie when I wasn’t looking!

Secondly- you don’t want your dog to pull while on the leash, so don’t teach him how to. AVOID extendable/retractable leashes!! Actually, there are several reasons for AVOIDING RETRACTABLE LEASHES. One is plain and simple: they are dangerous. If you have the stomach for it, do a google search for “retractable leash injuries”. I personally never use them. However, I was STILL injured by one!  Someone else was using one with their dog in the park. Their dog suddenly bolted after something interesting, and in the blink of an eye, the leash wrapped around the side of my leg- cutting and burning me at the same time. It took several weeks, and a Dr. visit to heal completely, and I will forever have a scar.

My Leg after the retractable leash burn/cut

Now, even though it was a painful and upsetting experience for me, I always stop to consider if one of my dogs had been the one who got caught in that leash. It would have resulted in a much more dramatic and horrific injury! Please be an advocate against retractable leashes: they are not good for your dog, not good for you, and not good for anyone who comes into contact with one.

And lastly, don’t forget Orange County law OCCO 4-1-45:

“No person owning or having charge, care, custody, or control of any dog shall cause or permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, any such dog to be upon any public property unless such dog be restrained by a substantial chain, or leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length, and is under the charge of a person competent to exercise care, custody, and control over such dog” (OCCO 4-1-45). You must keep your dog leashed anytime your dog is off your property. Your dog must be on a leash no longer then six (6) feet in length and in the care of a competent adult. There are designated ‘dog parks’ throughout Orange County that lawfully allow the absence of a leash.


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