Trish, Tika and I

Trish, Tika and I

For Throw-Back Thursday, I thought I’d write about my cat, Tika.

I heard a tiny meowing coming from outside of my bedroom window one Sunday afternoon when I was in the 6th grade. I went outside and searched and searched until I discovered a itty-bitty kitten, all alone hiding behind a 6-inch pansy plant in the flower bed. No mama cat to be found. So, I scooped her up and took her inside.

I proceeded to plead my case for keeping her to my parents, who eventually gave in. We took her to the vet, and discovered that although she was old enough to eat on her own, she was extremely small for her age and had some problems with her eyes, not to mention the fleas!

So, eye drops, flea medicine, and few cans of cat food later, and I had my very own teenie-tiny kitten. My parents insisted that we keep her in a box on the back patio until the flea medicine started to work, but I was very concerned about her being alone. So, they let me bring a sleeping bag out to sleep next to her.

At this time, my best friend and I were very involved in reading the Dragonlance Chronicles. One of my favorite characters in the books was described as a petite woman, who was a strong fighter named Tika. I decided that description also fit my new furry friend, and so she had her name.


Asking for a belly rub- its always a trap!

Tika grew into a petite adult cat, and I enjoyed every minute of her. She loved to run around the house at top speed to get exercise, and sit in the fuzzy perch attached to the window. She would sit for hours and watch the birds outside.

hanging out in her perch

Hanging out in her perch.

If I lay down on the floor, she would sit by my head and lick my hair. If my bedroom door was closed and she was not with me, she would slide her paws underneath to knead at the carpet to be let in. When we got a laser pointer for her to chase, she soon discovered the source of the light, and would humor us only for a few seconds before coming to the hand that held the pointer and pawing at it.

I will always cherish my memories of Tika. She brought so much joy into my life.

What is your favorite memory of your childhood pet?

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