About Us

Meet Shar

I owe my love of dogs to a gorgeous golden retriever named Abby, who when I was two years old, used to save me from falling into ditches, and lay with me in the summer time under the drippings of a swamp cooler. She was my constant companion and protector. I also love cats as well as dogs and all other kinds of creatures! When I was in grade school I even had a pet snake!

I also love to be active and have run over 15 Half Marathons, and 2 Full Marathons. I love that I have been able to combine my two passions, animals and being active, to create Sea Spot Walk!

Our mission

All of Sea Spot Walk’s employees have passed a vigorous background check, and are Pet CPR Certified. Each visit includes a detailed Head to Tail check, to help you be aware of your pet’s condition. All of our employees carry a First Aid Kit, as well as water for your dog and waste bags.

Your pet will be happier having gotten exercise and mental stimulation during our care. You will be happier knowing that your pet has had all his needs met and is better behaved!

Our trained staff give Spot the love and attention he deserves. Upon completion of your service, you will receive a detailed report of each visit so that you know exactly how Spot is doing. The report includes: a map of the walk, a health report, potty report, and pictures of Spot. Invoices are sent via email and accessible in the Client Portal every Monday for the previous week’s services.




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