What basic obedience training does for you and your dog. 

Obedience training creates understandable dialogue between you and your dog. It is teaching your pup the exact language for specific actions. Other than being great to be able to “show off” with your pup on how well he can sit and stay in a variety of settings (always a proud thing for any dog owner, and rightly so!), Obedience training gives your dog a job to do, and eliminates confusion. Obedience training also gives you the ability to ask for an appropriate behavior instead of a behavior that is unwanted. 

Imagine for a moment that you are preparing dinner (lots of food on the counters in the kitchen), and the doorbell rings. Spot begins barking, running around, and jumping up and down all around you. You say, “NO”! 

What are you actually asking Spot to do? No jumping? No barking? No grabbing at the food? No running around when the doorbell rings?  Spot honestly has no idea what you just asked him to do. 

This is when obedience training becomes a wonderful tool. 

Back to our scenario: in the kitchen, food all around on countertops and the doorbell rings. Spot begins barking and jumping and running around. 

You say, “Spot, Sit”! Spot knows what that means, so he sits. Doesn’t that seem like a much more pleasant outcome to this scenario? 

Instead of trying to use a command like “no”, which provides your dog with very little instruction or context, use a command that they know well. One they can execute immediately, and be proud of. Set your dog up to succeed!  

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