Top 3 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is here and although it looks a little different this year for most of us, protecting your dog is still important! Here are our top three dog safety tips for this Halloween.

  1. Keep the candy out of your pup’s reach.

Sometimes we think the candy is far enough away from our pups, and then they prove to be sneaky and fast and manage to get some anyways! This can be very dangerous for your pup, particularly with chocolate. Foil wrappers are also dangerous as they can become sharp like razor blades if swallowed. Candy wrappers can cause intestinal blockages as well as the candy itself causing vomiting and diarrhea.  Be sure to keep your all candy in a lidded container and high enough away from your pup so that they cannot get into it!

  1. Keep your pup crated or secured in another room if you open the door for trick or treaters.

Making sure that your pup cannot escape on Halloween is a big one. When we are distracted by all the adorable costumes, we may not be fully paying attention and our pups can escape! No one wants to experience the terror of a lost pet, so be sure to keep your pup secured in another room or crated while you a handing out candy.

  1. Always observe your pup if you dressed him in a costume.

While some pups enjoy or do not mind being dressed up, some dogs become very stressed by having a costume put on them. Be sure to observe your pup’s behavior to ensure that he is not becoming stressed out. Be sure that the costume is not too tight, limiting movement or made with materials that can scrape, scratch, or hurt. Beware of costumes with small parts that your pup can chew or swallow.

We hope every one has a wonderful and safe Halloween, including your pup!

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