What Makes a Good Dog Walk?

You might read the title of this blog and think to yourself, “What does that even mean? A walk is a walk!” I think you’ll be surprised to find out there are a variety of ways to make a walk into a GREAT walk for your dog.

Not all Dog Walks are Created Equal.

Now that we have all experienced a lock-down, we have a taste of what a dog’s life must be like if we don’t vary things for them. Monotony is BORING as we all found out, and the same is true for your pup!
Because our dogs are amazing, they never complain and are more than happy to go for the same trip around the neighborhood each time, but can’t we do a little better for them?

Here are our top 3 ideas to help make a GREAT dog walk:

  1. Vary the route

If you can change the route that you take each time you walk your dog, it will immensely improve the walk for them! A new route = new things to smell, new sights to see! Making things instantly more interesting.

A destination walk with Baz to the Huntington Beach Pier.

2. Make it a destination walk

Find a route that is a “there and back” with a destination. Maybe a park or a really cool area that has some shady trees and grass that your pup likes to lay on. With a destination walk, you can plan to do #3 (if there is an off-leash area), or just tour the destination allowing your pup to sniff all the things, giving him a drink of water, and relaxing for a bit! Put a toy in your pocket, and allow him to play with it for a little bit at the destination.

Rory carries her toys.

3. Play a game during the walk

If you have an area where your dog can be off leash, play a game! Does your dog like fetch? Take a break during your walk to play a quick game of Fetch to change things up. Does your dog like to chase or run with you? Play a little game of puppy tag- have them chase you and you chase them back.
If you don’t have an area where your dog can be off leash, consider teaching your dog to “watch” and then point out interesting things for him to look at (birds, squirrels, bugs, people, etc.). Or, run through the commands he does know to really work on solidifying them with lots of distractions!

What are some of your favorite ways to make your pup’s walks interesting? Tell us in the comments below!

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