Get to Know us: Featuring Steph

Hi y’all! If you haven’t met me in person yet, I’m the loud one in the group. I’ve been working for Shar for almost a year and have truly found a passion in working with dogs. Before Sea Spot Walk I was with Starbucks for nine years. I finally decided it was time for a change and I haven’t looked back!

I have always been an animal lover and a total dog person. I recently adopted a sweet little senior shihtzu named Debra Ann Pumpernickel. I love taking her out and about and she loves riding in her stroller – yes I am that dog mom! While it takes more time and effort to care for an old lady I am beyond grateful to give her the best possible life.

When I’m not working I enjoy the simple things in life such as reading a good book or going on a mini road trip down PCH. I’ve always been a beach bum at heart. Family is incredibly important to me so I try to spend most of my days off with mine. I’m the middle of five children, and being the only kid left in California means my parents try and keep me close.

I’ve found it very rewarding being able to work with animals and have made my next goal to become a certified dog trainer. My favorite part about this job is the special relationships I develop with every fur baby. Each one is unique and lovable in their own way. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

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