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Extra services from transportation to medication. Additional Dog Fee $5/service. Applies to households that have more than 1 dog. Applies to all servi…

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Things you should know

1. Vaccinations, Licensing, & Microchipping

Is your dog current on his vaccinations? Is he licensed? Is he micro-chipped? Great! He is ready to walk with us!

2. Safety

We take your pets safety seriously, that is why during all interactions with your pet, Sea Spot Walk has access to your pet’s veterinary & emergency information.

3. Puppies

We ADORE Puppies! However, puppies 10 months and less must be cleared by their vet to be around other dogs. Vaccinations must be current, and they must be spayed/neutered to participate in pack walks. .

4. Rainy days

Does your dog enjoy the rain? So do we! We will walk any dog that enjoys the rain and will make sure to dry them off upon completion of the walk. Should the weather prevent us from completing the walk, a Rainy Day Credit will be applied to your bill.

5. “Visiting Pets”

We cannot provide any care for any visiting pets unless the pets rightful owner completes the Pet Information Sheet, Veterinary Waiver, and Contract of Services. Contact us in advance if you will have a visiting pet so they don’t get left out!

6. Right to Refuse Service

Although we love all animals, we reserve the right to refuse service at any time should the animal pose a threat to itself, other animals, humans, or Sea Spot Walk.

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